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If you’ve ever been to Angeles City, Philippines, then you know it’s one of the best places on the planet for some cheap Asian pussy.   The city is filled with gogo bar after gogo bar. The nightime darkness is filled with flashing neon lights, offering refuge to pussy hunters from all over the planet a place to drink and meet gorgeous Filipina bargirls.  It’s no wonder why the Trike Patrol hunts down most of their pussy in this town.  Joanna is their latest victim on video.

You’ve probably seen Joanna suck and fuck before on the web, as sites like and have fuck pictures and videos of this well known Angeles City bargirl.  She hasn’t strayed too far from the camera, as he hairy young 20 year older beaver just can’t seem to stay away from hard foreign cock on camera.

After taking Joanna to the mall to pick up some crotchless panties, Jimmy Regina and his team took her back to their hotel room to fuck her hard and long in those panties.  Joanna’s Filipina pussy is deliciously tight and ready to receive the cock.  Seeing her lie back and watching her face while pounding in her pussy is amazing.   Needless to say, she was a fantastic fuck!


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Trike Patrol – Threesome with two horny Filipinas

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Two beautiful Filipina's Picked up by the Trike Patrol


Jill and Ashley are both bargirls working at a club in Manila, Philippines.  They were walking to work on hot afternoon, when Jimmy and the Trike Patrol swung into action and offered them a ride.  They didn’t seem to mind, jumped in the Trike, and sped off with Jimmy back to his hotel room for a quicky.

Once in the hotel room, he offered them sex on video for cash.  They jumped at the chance to make a quick $100 bucks each before going to work.   After they showered, they came out in the towels, undressed, and started to fool around with each on the hotel bed.   It seemed as if these two had been together like this before many times.  Jimmy jumped in and fed his cock to both Pinay beauties, then bent them over on the bed and pounded their sweet Filipina poony over for cock pounding fun.

Jimmy and his Trike Patrol fuck all kinds of Filipina girls.  See his exploits, in and around Manila, Philippines and Angeles City.  He bangs all kinds of Philippine pussy and really loves meeting sluts that can please his cock on film. 


Asian Poony – Apple Fucks at the Trike Patrol

While in Manila two weeks ago, a couple of buddies of mine from the Trike Patrol hunted down a cutie named Maui, as she walked into a club on P. Burgos Street in Makati, Philippines.  She was accompanied by her friend Apple, another cutie, who also went with the Trike Patrol, and wanted to film a porn movie.  It’s amazing how easy it is to 1) Meet girls in the Philippines who want to fuck on video and 2) Meet girls who truly love a cock deep inside them.  You truly think that Asian women were put on this planet to please a man’s cock. 

Finding a hot piece of Asian Poony is easy, and when Apple saw her friend make $100 fucking Jimmy and the Trike Patrol, then she had to do it as well.   She was the one holding the video camera during Maui’s fuck video, and Maui returned the favor holding the camera while Apple fucked Jimmy.   Jimmy told me that these two babes couldn’t stay away from his cock.  That must of been a wild couple of days in Manila.

Apple wasn’t as agressive or as cute as her predecessor Maui, and a little bit flat in front of the camera for her first time fuck video.  Jimmy should have fucked her a few times prior to that before shooting the video.   But Jimmy tells me he gets bored of the same pussy and needs new pussy to stimulate his foreign cock for porn videos. 

Apple will suffice most men for a night or afternoon of pleasure.   She surely made Jimmy’s cock hard and happy.  

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Filipino Porn – Maui Meets the Trike Patrol

When you travel to Manila, Philippines and plan on staying there, the business district of Makati, Philippines is the place to stay.   Although the prices for hotels range in the $100 to $200 plus category, you won’t find a more comfortable place to stay, while you search out some local Filipina pussy for late night fun.

Maui, was a bargirl, my porn buddy Wayne met a bar on P. Burgos Street called Racals, a small but nice Bikini Bar complete with 50 or so gorgeous young Filipina bargirls waiting to meet foreign men for fun.   Maui is a beautiful young 18 year older, sweet, very cute, with an adorable hot round Filipina ass.  A shaved pussy and trim young body completes the package on this girl.  I remember going into the club with him and the Mamasan taking care of Wayne, brining him over three girls that would be interested in shooting porn with him.   Maui and two other hotties went with him that night, and needless to say he had fun.

The Trike Patrol contacted Wayne to find out where he could meet Maui.   He told them Rascals on P. Burgos is her bar, and they hightailed it in their Trike over to see if they could meet her in person.  They parked outside the club, and waiting for girls to enter the bar, usually around 6:30pm or 7:00pm.  Sure enough, Maui, showed up in her tight blue jeans, and cut off t-shirt, and the guys went into porno mode.   They yelled, “Maui”, come here.  She turned, looked and smiled.  “Do I know you?” she asked.  “No, but we know you!”, Jimmy replied.   It was kizzmet, Maui was in the Trike in a instant, and Jimmy was grabbing that lucious round booty of hers all the way to the hotel.

Maui usually gets around $100 US dollars to shoot a scene.  She worked that cock over like the true professional she is.  Believe me, seeing her bent over in this VIDEO OF MAUI, is well worth the cost to see her fuck.  She loves that hard white cock and can’t seem to get enough of it.

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Filipina Pussy – Nicole Fucks the Trike Patrol

As I was thumbing through the hot Philippine Porn Site Trike Patrol, I noticed a model that I personally knew.  Nicole, a sexy 24 year older, was featured as the latest Trike Patrol fuck babe, picked up curb side in Angeles City, and brought back to a cheap Philippine hotel for some hardcore fuck videos.   If this is the girl you wanted to meet on the street, then you choose wisely.

My partner, John, had shot some porn videos of her two years prior.  She did an amazing lesbian scene with another model at .   She admitted on camera that she loves lesbian sex, just as much as a hard cock in her pussy.   Believe me, she was into the lesbian sex and loved getting her pussy licked by her friend.

In the Trike Patrol episode, it shows the non-lesbian side of Nicole.  She is just as agressive, and just as erotic on a hard cock as she is in a lesbian scene.  She voraciously attacks Jimmy Regina’s hard cock and fucks him hard and long, like the true hardcore slut she really is.  There is lots and lots of moaning, as her tight pink Filipina pussy is opened wide by Jimmy’s hard 9 inch cock.  It’s always nice to see a sexy Filipina like Nicole work over a cock without shame or Guilt.

The Trike Patrol picks up a newby each week, and they update the site weekly.  It’s not a stagnant site with well over 100 episodes of hardcore Filipina pussy pounding action.  The bargirls from the mean streets of Manila, Cebu and Angeles City know how to please a cock.  Nicole sure does!

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Filipina Porn – Tia and Weng – Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol

Two beautiful Filipina Bar Girls fuck Jimmy Regina

Tia and Weng are two very hot and horny Filipina bar girls headed to the bar they work at one afternoon.  Along comes a Trike, with a foreigner driving it, that stops and asks them if they need a ride.  They ask, “Where are you going?”  The driver says, “To my hotel room to have a party with you two?”  They both giggle, and jump in the Trike.  They both know that they’ll make some money with this horny foreigner.

Once they get back to the room, Jimmy, the trike patrol owner, asks them if they would be interested in making a porn video with him.   They get that puzzled look on their face.  “Will this be on the internet”, they asked”.  Jimmy says, “who cares, you’ll be both making a hundred US dollars today!”   Their faces turn into smiles, and they say, “Ok”!

That’s as easy as it gets in the Philippines.  If you want to become a porn producer, all you have to do is get in a Trike and hunt em down on the mean streets of Angeles City and Manila.   You’ll find girls like Tia and Weng jumping at the chance to fuck in front of the camera for cash.

Needless to say, Tia and Weng gave Jimmy what he wanted, a hot threesome, all on video tape.  Click here to view the pictorial and promo video of the threesome.  These hot Filipina hookers loves his large american sausage.   Jimmy loved their tight wet Filipina Pussy!

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Filipina Pussy – Ashlee meets Trike Patrol

If you’re not familiar with the Trike Patrol, it features a bunch of crazed American studs searching out hot Filipina Pussy on the mean streets of the Philippines.  These guys travel to places like Angeles City, Cebu and Manila, to pick up hot Filipina babes for an afternoon of sex in front of the camera.

Ashlee is their newest recruit, picking this beauty up near a Makati gogo bar, the business district of Manila, Philippines.  She works the day shift at a club called Papillion on P. Burgos Street.  When she walked outside the club, the Trike Patrol was there to offer her sex for cash!  Only in the Philippines is it this easy to find cheap pussy for an afternoon of fun. 

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