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Mich Trike Patrol

Watch as freelancer hooker Mich picks up young sex tourist and fucks him long and hard in Manila hotel.

Lots of young men travel to the Philippines each year in search of exotic Asian pussy to fuck.  Most are returning service men, who spent time in the Philippines or Thailand, knowing the gorgeous young Asian treats they can fuck all night for only a few dollars.   On this time out searching for pussy, our young tourist meet full figured Manila MILF Mich, a vuluptuous full bodied mom who loves younger men.

They agree on price, and head back to his cheap hotel room, he found online.  She doesn’t care, as she is interested in only two things – his cock and his cash.  Prostitutes like Mich know the better they fuck their customer, the more  money gets thrown their way.  She does her job and gives him the MILF experience of his life, riding his cock hard, and letting him cum inside her pussy to fullfill his fantasy to creampie and older woman.

Perhaps this young foreign sex tourist loves MILF’s, or misses mommy, or is just flat out horny and in need of the first thing that comes his way?  Who knows, but his fantasy has been granted and he takes her back to where he picked her up knowing that older women in the Philippine grind hard and long.  It was a great fuck for our Trike Patrol newby and he’ll continue to fuck older women when he gets the chance.

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Picking Up Filipina’s in Angeles City

Kokomo’s is a great place in Angeles City, Philippines to get a bite to eat, while watching the nightlife happen on Fields Avenue.  The restaurant/bar, is located right in the heart of the action, with bars to the left, right, back and front of the club.   The eatery has an outdoor area where you can sit on bar stools, eat your food, have some drinks, and catch the eyes of beautiful Filipina bargirls walking to work or door girls, hounding customers out front of the clubs.

The Trike Patrol guys love stopping by Kokomo’s to grab a bite to eat, before they go on their hunt fo exotic Philippine pussy to fuck in AC.  This night, it just so happened that one of the sexy bargirls from Voodoo Club, a bar connected to Kokomo’s, was out having a drink by herself, after returing from an afternoon barfine with an Asian customer.   Daisy had just gotten done fucking him back at the hotel, and then came back to Voodoo to work.  She was grabbing a drink before heading back inside to hunt down some more foreign cock to fuck.

She flirted with the guys at first and they bought her a drink.   They told her they were looking for a hot  to fuck on video, and if she could recommend a girl, they would give her one hundred dollars.  She said immediately, “I’m available to do it.”

Daisy got in the trike, and went back to the hotel to fuck on video.  She was amazing, moaning, enjoying the cock, while cumming over and over and getting ultra wet while fucking.  Girls like Daisy are the reason Filipina bargirls are also referred to as Little Brown Fucking Machines.  Wow, what a night and what a fuck.

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Picked up for sex outside Voodoo Bar in Angeles City, Philippines

Filipina Sandwich Between Two Pinoy Studs

Looks can be deceiving, especially in the Philippines when it comes to sexy 18 year olders.    These young teens can look so innocent, and act innocent, up until the point you take their pants off and put your dick inside one.   Then they turn into the famous Little Brown Fucking Machines we all have heard about.  

Mitch is exactly that kind of teen.  You wouldn’t expect this ultra cute, smiling young Cebu teen to be a hard pounding fuck machine in the bed.  But after two Pinoy cocks are stuck inside her mouth and pussy at the same time, she ends up screaming to be fucked harder and harder.  That’s the kind of Filipina girl we love to see fuck at Trike Patrol. 

Mitch turns in an excellent performance, as she becomes the human sandwich between two well hung Pinoy studs as the Trike Patrol lets their drivers take command in this hot scene.  Mitch loves sucking on one cock while having another stuffed in her tight Filipina twat.   She moans as she sucks loving the cocks all attentive to her desires.

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Trike Patrol – Missy – Hot Cebu Teen Fucked

Missy works at the Mermaid Bar in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

With large breasts and a fantastic shaved pussy, Missy is one of the hotter Cebu, Philippine bargirls that has fucked on video. This is the latest beauty to be hammered online at the Trike Patrol.

Missy, a hot Cebu bargirl, was picked up at a local Lapu-Lapu A-GoGo bar called Mermaid Bar. It’s right across the bridge on Mactan Island, and has a number of hot Filipina’s on any given night. Missy was actually the door girl, with her miniskirt on and greeting customers as they walked in the door. She had a big smiled, very accomodating, and loves conversation with horny foreigners.

The Trike Patrol driver Hector, was in need of pussy on this evening. He begged John, the owner of the Trike to let him fuck Missy. He wanted to stick his dick inside her and cum deep inside her pussy. John, who really liked this girl, agreed and gave his driver Hector a well needed round on video.

Missy didn’t mind fucking a Filipino like Hector. He had a nice sized dick for a Pinoy and she loved his hard shaft pounded her pussy in multiple positions. Hector, at the request of John, came inside her pussy for a creampie ending.

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Trike Patrol

Cebu Bargirl

Mermaid Bar Cebu

Little Brown Fucking Machine Maxine – Trike Patrol

One of the more hornier little brown fucking machines to come along in a while at the Trike Patrol is beautiful 19 year older Maxine, from Angeles City, Philippines.   The Trike Patrol was stopped at a local Fields Avenue GoGo Bar, playing pool, when Maxine challenged the guys to a game.    She made record time of it, finishing off these poor billiard playing foreigners, showing off her pool hall prowess. 

It was only a matter of time, when Maxine started hinting at sex with John, the driver of the Trike.   She threw a few puns out at him, probably the usual she gives to guys she wants to fuck, “John, do you have a stick and balls too baby?”   John knew that he had a little brown fucking machine to fuck all night long.

Maxine went back to the room like a good little Asian hooker does, and got into the video, getting sexy, smiling, playing with the camera, and then getting down on John’s hard cock.   She sucked hard as if she wanted to get him good and hard so he would fuck her hard in return.   The little brown fucking machine Maxine is a true little whore, and the entire video can be seen at the Trike Patrol on their most recent update.  See it now.

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Little Brown Fucking Machine

Trike Patrol – Arcel – Hot Filipina Fuck Machine

Filipina Fuck Machine Arcel
Arcel is a horny slender young Philippine teen who is picked up on her way to work on the streets of Angeles City.    She has been working at a small a-gogo bar just off of Ramos Street.  The Trike Patrol guys have seen her before, and have stopped by the bar for a drink, and a quick blowjob underneath the table.   Yes, you can get blown in a bar in Angeles City, and the tip is usually a couple hundred peso’s and the warm cum in the mouth of a hot and horny waitress.  Arcel must give head, as she sure looks like a little suctastic young Filipina whore in this hot Trike Patrol video.    Watch her entire porn video, as our stud takes her back to his hotel room and fucks her good and long.  He leaves his usual creampie deep inside her tight teen pussy, and she doesn’t seem to mind.   Girls like this are fun to suck and fuck with. 

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Filipina Fuck Machine

Trike Patrol


Sally and Nica – Two naughty Filipina schoolgirls

 The Trike Patrol scores with two beautiful Filipina School Coeds!

Two Filipina Schoolgirls were walking along a country road near the local mall after school.   The Trike Patrol spotted them and swooped into meet them.   After buying them a few Mango juices at the local mall, the Trike Patrol took these two beauties back to the hotel room for boom boom.

Nica and Sally were tiny little Pinays, very slim, but very willing to work on a foreign cock for some extra cash.  After all, they were headed for the mall, and now they could actually buy something there.   Sally was a little bit more shy than Nica. Nica on the other hand, had a big smile, loved that cock in her pussy, and loved the fact someone was finally paying attention to her fantastic tight young Filipina body.

The entire conquest was caught on video cam, as the Trike Patrol brings there camera out on the streets of the Philippines to pick up babes, and fuck them back at the hotel room.   Sally and Nica were two very horny girls, engaging in lesbian sex while fucked by a hard foreign cock.    

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Sally Nica

Filipina Schoolgirls

Trike Patrol

Angeles City Girls are soooooo easy!!!

When we picked up Mhine, we also picked up her friend Alona, who I had just fucked about 30 minutes before.   We posted her picks last week at .  Mhine was a little bit more of a hottie than Alona, and she was an all around better fuck.  You can see by her video how she just got off sucking on my cock.

After fucking Mhine, I dumped my load deep inside her tight young pussy.  I want to make sure my gene pool is spread around the Philippines so these native Filipino’s can one day have a dick as big as mine.  Anyway, it was a fun time, two Angeles City hookers,  $50 US dollars, and then back out to party afterwards.   This is the kind of fun, and the kind of girls you can meet in Angeles City, Philippines.

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Trike Patrol – Mayka – Hot Filipina First Timer

When the Trike Patrol looks for hot Filipina Pussy to fuck, they do not mess around.  Case in point, meet hot young new cumer Mayka, a sexy Filipina, found walking around the clubs of Filipina Pussy Heaven – Angeles City, Philippines.   You can meet girls by the Jeepney loads  in this town, and Mayka is just another hottie to bust her PORN cherry at Trike Patrol.

Only 19 years old, and from Manila, Philippines, Mayka went to work in Angeles to make money.  Like most Filipina women her age, that want to have fun, fuck and make money in the process, Mayka is a top notch Filipina hooker, that loves please a hard foreign cock. 

Enter Jimmy Regina and the Trike Patrol – as they saw her walking toward a club, they stopped and made sure this beautiful slender Filipina bargirl didn’t get away.  They asked her if she’d love to cum back to their hotel room and fuck on video, and she said, “Ok”.  It’s just about that easy to get beautiful bargirls to fuck you, and it only costs around $20 to do so.

Mayka is just another hottie in the long line of filipina bargirls that Jimmy and his Trike Patrol have fucked over the years.  She please cock like all of the rest of the girls, hot, hard and with a passion for warm cum all over her body.  

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Filipina Escort Vanessa Meets the Trike Patrol

This beautiful Makati Escort is the lovely Vanessa, a brand new young Filipina pornstar brought to you by the always horny studs at the Trike Patrol.  Vanessa is a lovely young 19 year old, complete with perfect round Filipina breasts, a fantastic young round ass, and a shaved Filipina pussy that gets wet for any sized cock.

Watch this hot video of this exotic Filipina, as the Trike Patrol meets her at a local P. Burgos Street cafe.  She is lovely to talk to and even more lovely to see riding on top of a hard white foreign cock.  These guys get right to the point, and Jimmy sticks his hard cock into this horny brown bottomed slut the minute he gets her back to the hotel room.

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