Filipina Porn – Tia and Weng – Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol

Two beautiful Filipina Bar Girls fuck Jimmy Regina

Tia and Weng are two very hot and horny Filipina bar girls headed to the bar they work at one afternoon.  Along comes a Trike, with a foreigner driving it, that stops and asks them if they need a ride.  They ask, “Where are you going?”  The driver says, “To my hotel room to have a party with you two?”  They both giggle, and jump in the Trike.  They both know that they’ll make some money with this horny foreigner.

Once they get back to the room, Jimmy, the trike patrol owner, asks them if they would be interested in making a porn video with him.   They get that puzzled look on their face.  “Will this be on the internet”, they asked”.  Jimmy says, “who cares, you’ll be both making a hundred US dollars today!”   Their faces turn into smiles, and they say, “Ok”!

That’s as easy as it gets in the Philippines.  If you want to become a porn producer, all you have to do is get in a Trike and hunt em down on the mean streets of Angeles City and Manila.   You’ll find girls like Tia and Weng jumping at the chance to fuck in front of the camera for cash.

Needless to say, Tia and Weng gave Jimmy what he wanted, a hot threesome, all on video tape.  Click here to view the pictorial and promo video of the threesome.  These hot Filipina hookers loves his large american sausage.   Jimmy loved their tight wet Filipina Pussy!

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