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Simple one of the best models online is PureAsian.  She’s not online everyday, but you can find her on weekends, and sometimes Thursday evenings. 

I stopped by www.FilipinaWebcams.com and saw that she was online.  Her profile had some very classy high end pictures, and I’d thought I’d share them with you today.  She is HOT.

PureAsian is a 21 year old beauty, only 90 pounds, and about 5 feet tall.  We call camgirls like her – SPINNERS.  She’s so tiny, that you could spin her around and around in any position you wanted.  For such a tiny model, she has large round natural breasts.  It’s one of her best features, beside that completely shaved bald Filipina pussy of hers.  She is yummy from head to toe, and well worth the fun in private. 

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Asian Cam Sex – 3 Fingers 4u – Filipina Webcams

ASian Cam Sex

Ok guys, hold your cocks and start whacking, we have a newbie for you that is WILD WILD WILD on cam.  Meet 3Fingers4u, the name says it all!  This horny 24 year olf Filipina is live on her cam from Manila, Philippines for live Asian Cam Sex.   Her body is slender, her pussy is fully shaved and always wet, and she has a sexual drive that will not disappoint on cam.   She is rated a FIVE STAR girl and believe me her show is fantastic.

I took her into private chat, just a few moments ago.  She was hot from head to toe.  She has that smile that says, CUM FUCK ME.   Really, she is one of those girls that will be one of the greatest fucks of your life if you ever met her in person.  She does what ever you ask her to do, and she loves doing it.  Really, I felt that 3fingers4u wanted to make sure that my cock was hard, and that I came with her online.  I did, and I’ll go back for more later.  I’ll I have to say is WOW!

If you’re up for meeting beautiful Asian girls like 3Fingers4u, then stop by Filipina Webcams.  Her cam, like many other cam girls, is high quality.  You’ll find a bunch of models with high quality cams that allows you to see alot more in real time.

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Filipino Porn – Pure Asian – The Total Package

We’ve posted pictures of Pure Asian before, and have to do it again to remind our followers that this woman is an incredible young cam girl.   She works at one of the hottest sites on the www.FilipinaWebcams.com – a cam site that allows you to meet beautiful girls like Pure Asian online.

Some of the girls at Filipina Webcams want to make friends, others want to meet a lover, but most of the women are there to make money, taking off their clothes in front of the cam and doing things to their body that will make you very very horny.

Pure Asian has a full figured body, for a 5 foot 90 lb Filipina.  She has huge tits, but the rest of her body fits them perfectly, with wide hips and a fantastic round young Pinay ass.   She loves playing with her completely shaved filipina pussy for customers in her private chat room.

I fell in love with this girls months ago when I saw her online.  She works out of her apartment in Manila.  She must be doing ok, as her apartment there looks very nice.   I’ve tried to convince her multiple times to meet me out at a local Manila club, but she says she can’t.   That’s ok. Usually what happens when they say, No, they must have a foreign boyfriend already.   That usually lasts a couple months to a year or so, and then their back online.  I’ll try again at that time.

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Filipina Porn – Tia and Weng – Trike Patrol

Trike Patrol

Two beautiful Filipina Bar Girls fuck Jimmy Regina

Tia and Weng are two very hot and horny Filipina bar girls headed to the bar they work at one afternoon.  Along comes a Trike, with a foreigner driving it, that stops and asks them if they need a ride.  They ask, “Where are you going?”  The driver says, “To my hotel room to have a party with you two?”  They both giggle, and jump in the Trike.  They both know that they’ll make some money with this horny foreigner.

Once they get back to the room, Jimmy, the trike patrol owner, asks them if they would be interested in making a porn video with him.   They get that puzzled look on their face.  “Will this be on the internet”, they asked”.  Jimmy says, “who cares, you’ll be both making a hundred US dollars today!”   Their faces turn into smiles, and they say, “Ok”!

That’s as easy as it gets in the Philippines.  If you want to become a porn producer, all you have to do is get in a Trike and hunt em down on the mean streets of Angeles City and Manila.   You’ll find girls like Tia and Weng jumping at the chance to fuck in front of the camera for cash.

Needless to say, Tia and Weng gave Jimmy what he wanted, a hot threesome, all on video tape.  Click here to view the pictorial and promo video of the threesome.  These hot Filipina hookers loves his large american sausage.   Jimmy loved their tight wet Filipina Pussy!

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