Week 44 at the Filipina Sex Diary is a fuckfest

Jenelyn is a tiny little Pinay doll with a slender young 18 year old body made for fucking.  Her tiny ass, tiny tits and tight Asian pussy loves lots of attention.   In this hardcore fuck scene at Filipina Sex Diary, she gives up to the pressures of making money and fucks foreign sex tourist John Tron in his hotel room.   He loves this tight tender pussy, filling her up with his nice sized 9 inch dick, then blowing his load deep inside her pussy for a nice Filipina creampie ending.

Later that week, John picked up two more hotties in Angeles City on his bar crawls.   Mercy and Aileen were more than willing and able to do a threesome on camera with John at his hotel room.   He put his dick in one, then the other, not sure of which he liked fucking more.   They were both accomodating, as if they had done this time and time again.  They probably had.

As always, two Filipina whores are better than one.   They both worked in tandem to get John’s big dick off with one of the girls getting her snatch filled with jizm. 

Week 44 couldn’t end with just fucking three girls, as John’s new regular squeeze, Juliet, a Cebu Pacific flight attendant fucked his brains out to end his week.  Everytime she gets off the plane, she makes a bee line for John’s hard foreign cock.  She just can’t get enough of the cock and the cash.

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Filipina Sex Diary – Mitch

Bargirl Mitch fucks foreigners on video

Mitch is an amazing young Pinay teen with a perfect little body and a passion for large cock and hardcore fucking.  She works at a local Angeles city, Philippine a-gogo bar, dancing on stage, waiting for “Mr. Right for the Night” to walk in and barfine her for some hotel hardcore good times in the city of sin.  

On this evening, Mitch met a foreigner by the his stage name of “John Tron”.   He had been to the bar many times before, barfining a number of cute girlfriend of Mitch, but never her.  Her girlfriend, Missy, recommended John to her, and told her that Mitch loves to fuck.   John asked Mitch if she’d come by the next day to fuck him on film.  She obliged.

The first thing you notice about this 23 year old Pinay beauty is that she loves to get on top of a big dick and ride it hard.  Here pussy and ass move in perfect harmony, making sure that cock of John’s stays good and hard, as she herself stays wet and pleases her own pussy.  Girls like Mitch are a dime a dozen in Angeles City, Philippines, wanting to make their customers enjoy the time.  It’s almost as if they think the customer is going to marry them.

John blows his load deep inside Mitch’s pussy.   This may not be the first time this has happened to her, as she didn’t seem to mind.   After all, she was feeling so good from John’s big cock as he blew it deep inside her. 

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Filipina Sex Diary


Ann and Fhae – Filipina Sex Diary

Filipina sisters picked up at local Angeles City A-GoGo bar fuck foreigner.

The Filipina Sex Diary met beautiful Filipina sisters Ann and Fhae who work at the Golden Nile A-gogo bar in Angeles City, Philippines.  John Tron plucked Fhae out a couple of weeks ago to fuck for his website Trike Patrol, and then he brought back Ann from an earlier shoot to do a hot threesome on camera with him.   Sex tourist John Tron has it made, as the website business keeps on making him money so he can continue to fuck and film his sexual conquests during his travels in the Philippines.  He is truly a whore monger, fucking only the hottest and youngest Filipina hookers, and then cumming inside their pussies.   These girls don’t seem to mind, as having a mixed baby at least gives them something to be proud of.  I guess John has been making alot of babies lately, and there is no end to his creampie madness. 

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Filipina Sex Diary

Ann and Fhae

Filipina Sisters

Laiza – Filipina Sex Diary


When you see how hot and horny young Filipina bargirl Laiza is, you’ll want to jump on board and airplane and fly to Angeles City, Philippines to fuck her yourself.   This gorgeous young Pinay bargirl works at Crystal Palace as a dancer, who barfines and fucks anyone willing to pay her, and show her a hot time back at the hotel room. Of course, John goes on his weekly prowl, and sees her dancing on stage.  He calls the mamasan over to call her down from the stage, but she already has a Japanese boyfriend she is waiting for.   He flashes some cash in his hand, and she comes down to sit next to him immediately.  Money is the only thing that talks in Angeles City.   She smiles, and cuddles up to John, as he tells her he wants to show her his big cock back at the hotel room.  He flashes her 500p, and she goes and tell the mamasan she’s going on barfine.   Back at the hotel room, she is not shy, and seems not to care about the Japanese customer she left for the 500p.   She takes off her clothes, and shows that hot young body on the bed.  John’s dick gets hard and stays hard until he unloads his cum in her tight pink pussy.   Watch the entire fuck video and hundreds of more sexual conquests in the Philippines at Filipina Sex Diary.


Filipina Prostitute on Her Way To Work


Around 5:30pm in Angeles City, Philippine, you can see hundreds, if not thousands of girls walking to work, or waiting to catch a Trike to work.   The guys at the Trike Patrol actually purchased a Trike to meet girls, pick them up, and offer them a good time and some cash back at the hotel room before they show up for work.   Paula, on her way to work, is texting on her cell phone, when the Trike Patrol shows up to make an offer, she can’t possibly refuse.  She sees that these guys are foreigners, that means money, so she jumps into the Trike and speeds off hoping she’ll be laying on her back, getting pumped by a hard foreign cock before work.  That’s exactly what happens, when they offer Paula some cash to fuck on video.  She doesn’t seem to care, and knows that her number one job is to make her man happy in bed.  When she takes her blue jeans off, she exposes a tiny Filipina ass that was made for porn.  She wiggles that thing in front of the cameraman, and his dick instantly grows hard, wanting to slide it inside her tight little pussy and ass immediately.   She is a professional and knows how to please. This video ends with Paula letting John, the Trike Patrol stud, dump his warm load deep inside her pussy.  She doesn’t care, as she takes the pill, and lets guys creampie her pussy all the time.  Let’s hope that John doesn’t contract a STD, as he sure likes pumping all these girls without a condom. 

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Filipina Porn – Analyn – Sex Travel Diary

Watch beautiful Pinay teen Analayn fuck for cash!

Analyn is a bargirl in Angeles City who loves getting on top of hard foreign cock. She shows her basic sexual skills working over horny foreigner at the Filipina Sex Diary.


When you think of the Philippines, you tend to think of 7,000 plus islands, white sand beaches, and sexy Filipina bargirls who love to fuck foreign cock.    Analyn is one of those little Hot Filipina’s that loves sucking on a long white schlong, and taking every inch inside her tight Asian pussy.  Girls like Analyn are a dime a dozen, as our foreign sex tourist finds out at Filpina Sex Diary.    Staying mostly in Angeles City, Philippines, John Tron, a travelling whore mongor from Germany,  loves fucking beautiful Filipina’s and filming them while he does so.  This week he meets Analyn, a sexy 18 year old Pinay teen who works at a local Angeles City A-GoGo club as a bargirl and dancer.  Her basic work skills include chatting with foreign customers, sucking cock and riding hard foreign dicks like a horny little Asian slut.  She’s ultra good at what she does, loving that huge white dick inside her pussy, and making sure John is taken care of. 

She loves the $100 bucks he throws at her to fuck on video.   He fucks her bareback on video and posts it to his blog at the Filipina Sex Diary.  You can watch weekly updates of our foriegn sex hound pounding sweet Filipina’s like Analyn, and posting the videos on his blog site.  It’s one of the  most amazing websites, as it is illegal to take porn videos in the Philippines. This guy doesn’t care, he only cares about pussy.   

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Diary of a Philippine Sex Traveller – Carren

Travelling to the Philippines for a lonely man can be a life changing experience.   If you know what you’re doing and where to go in the Philippines, you won’t be very lonely for long.   Case in point, a brand new site called Filipina Sex Diary, follows the Sex-Ploits of a foreign sex traveller throughout the Philippines in his quest for hot Filipina Pussy to fuck.   He’s been online now for 11 weeks, pounding hot Filipina girls one after another, and he won’t stop, until either his dick gives up (highly unlikely) or he gets caught by the local Philippine authorities and thrown out of the country. 

Carren is his latest conquest.  She is only 18 years old, like most of the women at Filipina Sex Diary, and she has a fantastic body and beautiful face.  Watching her head go down on his cock is amazing, and watching her take the cock in her tight Filipina pussy is even better.   He can barely last, as her hot little Poony is ultra tight, moist and receives the cock with utter pleasure.

Carren is just one of many Filipina babes our sex traveller has banged and just another post in his Filipina Sex Diary. 

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Filipina Sex Diary – Sex with April


April was filmed a while back at Trike Patrol, and shows up again for more hard foreign cock at Filipina Sex Diary.  Filipina Sex Diary is a brand new Filipino Porn site, featuring a foreign sex traveller and his “tell all” video blog of his sexual conquests in the Philippines.  April is just another hot Filipina teen this guy fucks.

We would expect a little more moaning and sweating by a girl like April, since she was fucked previously on camera, but she is not much of a screamer, and tends to be more along the shy side then wild.  That’s ok, as her body and pussy is still oustanding to see poked by a big white foreign cock.

Filipina Sex Diary has everything from hot 18 year olders to a view of some of the clubs where this guys meets the actual girls.  The blog helps out quite a bit, as you can follow where he met the girls, and visit the clubs yourself to find them there as well.

Sex in the Philippines is hot hot hot and this website, Filipina Sex Diary is a winner.

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Filipina Sex Diary – Anabel – New Philippine Porn Site

The Philippine bargirl pictured above is Anabel, a sexy 18 year older from the gogo bars of Angeles City, Philippines.   Teens like this beauty are a dime a dozen in the Philippines.  You can meet them by the hundreds at gogo bars, bikini clubs, KTV bars, discos, or in casa’s located all throughout the Philippines.  Anabel was picked up by a foreign sex tourist that has created an on going video porn blog of his sexual exploits in the Philippines.   Anable is one of his first girls to fuck and film, and she won’t be the last.

Filipina Sex Diary is a brand new Asian site featuring up to date porn videos of exotic Filipina first timers fucking for the camera.   One of the best things about this site, is that everything is in high definition, and all the girls are hot hot hot!   Anabel may look sweet, but deep down she will do just about anything for a hundred bucks.

Join Now and follow the porn blog, as the site will be continually updated, that is if he doesn’t get thrown in a Philippine prison first.  He’ll be pumping his way through hot Filipina poony like Anabel, and enjoying the pussy while he makes money on his blog. 

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Manila Pornstar – Fate – is now Sweet Stella at Filipina Webcams


You’ve probably seen the girl on the left side before.  Her name is Fate, a sexy Filipina 18 year old who shot a couple porn scenes at Hot Manila Nights.   You wouldn’t forget her work, as her first scene was a hot threesome with two other gorgeous Filipina bargirls, barfined from a Manila A-GoGo bar for late night hardcore threeway with a foreigner.   She worked the cock with her mouth and tight young Filipina pussy like a champ.  She shot another scene with the stud a few months later, as he needed to get his dick back into Fate’s tight pussy on film.   She moaned and gave that look during the film shoot like she truly loved the cock.

Just so happens, that the other day, I’m surfing an Asian Cam Model site called www.FilipinaWebcams.com and ran into Fate (now called Sweet Stella) on her webcam.  It’s the first time I’ve seen her there, and immediately took her to private chat for .99 cents to see her fuck her tight little ass and pussy for me on cam.  She is definitely no virgin, as I’ve seen her fuck at Hot Manila Nights.  Like a good little Pinay cam slut, she pleased me to no end, making sure that pussy stayed filled with her double ended dildo, while she fingered her tight little Pinay ass.

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