Genevive is a sexy Filipina with beautiful eyes and even more beautiful tits

Good looking matures are hard to come by in porn, I mean the really beautiful types.  And when you have one, how much money do you wanna spend to sleep with her a night?  Here is this sexy Filipina mom Genevive.  She’s a very nice MILF’r, who wants to be your friend and hundreds of other men’s friends.  She is married to a lazy Filipino guy, who doesn’t work, and sends her out to make ends meat.  “Get to work bitch”, as he forces her out the door.  She’s ready to unleash some of her anger on some young hard cock! 

When a beauty like this meets up with a young stallion, it’s kizmet.  She goes immediately to work on his large white 18 year old cock.  Sucking him and strocking his cock with her hand and mouth.  She knows how to suck dick, as she’s done so time and time again, with other men, while away from home.  This is how she makes her living, banging young guys, and getting paid.  

Filipina MILF’s like this one need lots of attention.  She loves to fuck, and can’t wait until she is out of her house, away from her pissed off lazy assed husband to do so.  Check her videos out at Asian American Girls today.

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