Filipina Poony – My night with Fate, Leslie and Nikka

Travelling in the Philippines is one of my favorite past times.   Not only is the country beautiful, but the women are abundant, and they are always on the lookout for a foreigner with a few bucks.
These three Manila hookers cost me only 500p each, as I met all three one afternoon inside the La Cafe, now called the Manila Bay Cafe in Ermita, Manila.   They were among the fourty or so free lancers at the bar, waiting to meet a foreigner to fuck at one of the nearby short timer hotels in Ermita.
I had seen all three here previuosly, but they were accompanied by a couple of Austrailian tourists, who had their attention that day.   However, now there were no tourists at their table, so I walked over and introduced myself.
Nikka, the girl pictured to the left was the most talkative, as the other two smiled and listened to most of our conversation.   I had asked the other two, Fate (center) and Leslie (right) if they had ever done a foursome before?   They all giggled and said “no”.  Nikka, however, said, “We’re willing to try – with you.”, followed by giggles by all three.  I told them, “Let’s go back to my place and have our first foursome”.  They agreed, and I paid my bar bill, and we all took off for my luxury hotel down the street.
Nikka, was all over me in the taxi on the way to the hotel, while the other two looked on and chatted.  It was a strange ride over, as it seemed as if these girls had done this numerous times.  They knew what was in store for them.   We got to the hotel, and after a couple brief questions by the security about the girls, we were up in my hotel room ready to boom boom.
The three bar girls all jumped in the showers at the same time.  I took my camera and started taking photographs as they washed each other off, and washed the most important parts of their bodies off.   The got out of the shower and went right to the bed like good little Filipino hookers.   Nikka, as in the taxi, was the first to make out with me.  Her tounge reached the back of my tounge as we swapped tounges and spit for a good 30 seconds or so.   I grabbed the hand of Fate and had her start stroking my cock with her hand, and I started making out with her.  I asked the shy one, Leslie to come over and join in, and she did.   After a few minutes we were all sprawled on the bed, and I grabbed shy little Leslie over and had her sit on my face.   Nikka moved right to my cock and got on top, and this was the start of a four way love fest that lasted well into the evening, and a better part of the next morning.
Let’s just sum it up this way.   My cock was sucked every way possible that night, and next day, by each of these three little Filipina Bar Girls.   If I wasn’t kissing one, I was licking a Filipina pussy, or fucking a tight Filipina ass.   IT was pure sexual joy.

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