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Girls like Jinky only last a month or so when they decide to go work in a club.   Within a couple weeks, they usually meet a client, who promises them the world, and they take off with that customer never to be seen again.

Well, that’s what seemingly happened to Jinky, as I barfined her one night at a local Cebu KTV club.  She was new to the bar, and a bit shy.  I took the chance, at the urging of the mamasan, a whopping 4000p for the barfine. 

Well it only took about 30 minutes returning to my hotel room with her for her to relax.   She removed her clothes and jumped in the hotel shower, before coming out and sneaking under the covers next to me.   That’s the best part of the barfine, when the girl sneaks next to you, and those hot young Filipina breasts and hairy young pussy are rubbing up next to you.   I love that moment.   We fucked two or three times, and I was in heaven.

Jinky ended up being a fantastic girl to barfine, and I almost asked her to be my girlfriend.   Looking at these pics, I can’t believe I let her go back to the bar.   She could have been bouncing up and down on my cock the entire time in the Philippines, however, I knew there was tons of hot new Filipino pussy besides hers to discover in the Philippines.  

The next day I took Jinky out to Mactan Island for some swimming at a beach, where she made a perfect girl friend.  I asked her if she would like to take some sexy photos, and she didn’t mind.   She was beautiful.  

One week after I shot these photos, I was looking at them on my computer laptop, and decided to go back to the club where I met her.   She was no longer working there.  The mamasan who I talked to said she had met a foreigner, and hadn’t come back.   I figured she might have been taken to Boracay or some place exotic by a rich Japanese customer.    Well, my hopes of reuniting with this fantasy Filipina porn new cumer were dashed, but these pictures are a memory of this beautiful Philippine goddess that I will never ever forget.  

I did manage to get her e-mail, and after returning home to the United States, she had e-mailed (lying to me) that she had gone back to her province for a few weeks.   If you’re interested in meeting, Jinky can be reached at the following e-mail.

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