Diary of a Philippine Sex Traveller – Carren

Travelling to the Philippines for a lonely man can be a life changing experience.   If you know what you’re doing and where to go in the Philippines, you won’t be very lonely for long.   Case in point, a brand new site called Filipina Sex Diary, follows the Sex-Ploits of a foreign sex traveller throughout the Philippines in his quest for hot Filipina Pussy to fuck.   He’s been online now for 11 weeks, pounding hot Filipina girls one after another, and he won’t stop, until either his dick gives up (highly unlikely) or he gets caught by the local Philippine authorities and thrown out of the country. 

Carren is his latest conquest.  She is only 18 years old, like most of the women at Filipina Sex Diary, and she has a fantastic body and beautiful face.  Watching her head go down on his cock is amazing, and watching her take the cock in her tight Filipina pussy is even better.   He can barely last, as her hot little Poony is ultra tight, moist and receives the cock with utter pleasure.

Carren is just one of many Filipina babes our sex traveller has banged and just another post in his Filipina Sex Diary. 

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