Filipina Porn – Tina – What a body!

We met full figured Filipina teen
Tina on her way to the mall

Living in the Philippines is difficult, as many of the people live at or below the poverty level.  If you make money, you only have enough for food and drink, sometimes not even enough for that. 

Girls like Tina, picture to the left, wish and wonder what it would be like to have 2000 peso’s in her pocket.  What if she could spend some money at the mall, rather than window shopping?   Well, this beauty we met walking to a nearby mall in Malate, Philippines.  She had on her blue jeans, and a tight shirt, exposing a a beautiful rack of fine filipina jugs.  We had to convince this horny young Filipina babe that she was made for porn videos.

Well, what better way to get her to agree, then take out 5000 peso’s and flash it in front of her face to make a porn video with us.   She agreed, and within 10 minutes, the Trike was back at the hotel room, and we were inside the room, ready to see this beauty fuck on film for the first time.  

Tina has a dream body.  Filipina’s don’t usually have large breasts like this girl, but this Zamboanga native, is from a part of the Philippines that has alot of Spanish blood in their veins.  She definitely has some Spanish blood, as her ass is wife with the hips, and her tits are huge firm melons waiting to be squeezed. 

Tina, now a Philippine Porn star, fucked like a pro.  She did that rapid fire riding fuck, where her ass slaps the legs of our stud, as she pounds that pussy hard into his cock.   She cums mulitple times, and our stud blows his load on her pussy and belly.  

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