Filipina Poony – Maxine – Hot Cebu Bar Girl

Cebu Prostitute Maxine strips naked in hotel room
for the camera in very sex Pinay strip show

 I picked up Maxine at a local Cebu, Philippine a gogo bar.  She was working at a high end club called Arena KTV.  I saw her dance on stage, and then go sit down with a Japanese customer, cuddling up to him, treating him very very nice. 

KTV bars are great, because you’ll find lots of pussy in the clubs.  These girls will suck you right there on the spot if they have the chance.  They are interested in making money, and Maxine is no different. 

I went back the following night to Arena KTV and got there early.  I asked the mamasan if she would bring Maxine over to me so I could buy her a ladies drink.  It was only a matter of minutes and she was there right besides me smiling, saying, “Weren’t you here last night baby?”  These girls are sharp, and don’t miss a step.

I told her I had one thing in mind, and that was taking her back to my hotel room and fucking her for the entire evening.   It was a matter of 6000p to the bar, and then a cab ride back to my hotel.   When she got inside the hotel room, she immediately layed a large kiss on my lips and bent down toward my pants and unzpipped my zipper.   We had only been in the room a matter of 30 seconds and she was already down on my cock , sucking it hard and long, wanting to taste my juices in her mouth.   It was about 3 or 4 minutes into the blowjob and I blew my load in her mouth.  She swallowed it all. 

The rest of the night was unadulterated sex in my hotel bed.  I asked her if she might want to go to Boracay with me, and she said, “Sorry baby, have to work, or the mamasan might get angry.” I told her, I’ll pay your barfine, and she said, “ok baby.”    I spent the an entire week in a Boracay hotel room fucking this little Filipina hottie every which way.  We had sex on the beach a couple of times, and I fucked her bareback, cumming in her pussy multiple times.  She was well worth the trip and the money spent.  All in all, it set me back a grand, but it was well worth the time. 

Here is a video of her in my hotel room in Boracay. As you can see, she is hot, young and has phenominal breasts.   I sucked on those alot that week too.  See my video at Manila Amateurs.  She is ultra hot.

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