Asian Poony – Apple Fucks at the Trike Patrol

While in Manila two weeks ago, a couple of buddies of mine from the Trike Patrol hunted down a cutie named Maui, as she walked into a club on P. Burgos Street in Makati, Philippines.  She was accompanied by her friend Apple, another cutie, who also went with the Trike Patrol, and wanted to film a porn movie.  It’s amazing how easy it is to 1) Meet girls in the Philippines who want to fuck on video and 2) Meet girls who truly love a cock deep inside them.  You truly think that Asian women were put on this planet to please a man’s cock. 

Finding a hot piece of Asian Poony is easy, and when Apple saw her friend make $100 fucking Jimmy and the Trike Patrol, then she had to do it as well.   She was the one holding the video camera during Maui’s fuck video, and Maui returned the favor holding the camera while Apple fucked Jimmy.   Jimmy told me that these two babes couldn’t stay away from his cock.  That must of been a wild couple of days in Manila.

Apple wasn’t as agressive or as cute as her predecessor Maui, and a little bit flat in front of the camera for her first time fuck video.  Jimmy should have fucked her a few times prior to that before shooting the video.   But Jimmy tells me he gets bored of the same pussy and needs new pussy to stimulate his foreign cock for porn videos. 

Apple will suffice most men for a night or afternoon of pleasure.   She surely made Jimmy’s cock hard and happy.  

See Apples Video inside Trike Patrol


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