Filipino Porn – Maui Meets the Trike Patrol

When you travel to Manila, Philippines and plan on staying there, the business district of Makati, Philippines is the place to stay.   Although the prices for hotels range in the $100 to $200 plus category, you won’t find a more comfortable place to stay, while you search out some local Filipina pussy for late night fun.

Maui, was a bargirl, my porn buddy Wayne met a bar on P. Burgos Street called Racals, a small but nice Bikini Bar complete with 50 or so gorgeous young Filipina bargirls waiting to meet foreign men for fun.   Maui is a beautiful young 18 year older, sweet, very cute, with an adorable hot round Filipina ass.  A shaved pussy and trim young body completes the package on this girl.  I remember going into the club with him and the Mamasan taking care of Wayne, brining him over three girls that would be interested in shooting porn with him.   Maui and two other hotties went with him that night, and needless to say he had fun.

The Trike Patrol contacted Wayne to find out where he could meet Maui.   He told them Rascals on P. Burgos is her bar, and they hightailed it in their Trike over to see if they could meet her in person.  They parked outside the club, and waiting for girls to enter the bar, usually around 6:30pm or 7:00pm.  Sure enough, Maui, showed up in her tight blue jeans, and cut off t-shirt, and the guys went into porno mode.   They yelled, “Maui”, come here.  She turned, looked and smiled.  “Do I know you?” she asked.  “No, but we know you!”, Jimmy replied.   It was kizzmet, Maui was in the Trike in a instant, and Jimmy was grabbing that lucious round booty of hers all the way to the hotel.

Maui usually gets around $100 US dollars to shoot a scene.  She worked that cock over like the true professional she is.  Believe me, seeing her bent over in this VIDEO OF MAUI, is well worth the cost to see her fuck.  She loves that hard white cock and can’t seem to get enough of it.

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