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When you travel to the Philippines, it’s so easy to find some hot Filipina ready to suck and fuck you all night long. You can either go the route of meeting girls at an a-gogo club, where you’ll pay anywhere from 1000p on up. Or you can head out to a dance club, and meet as many women as you want for free.

Half way into my last trip, I went out to a local Cebu club called Pump Disco. It’s located near the business district of Lahug, right next to the convention center. I have picked up so many Filipina babes at this club. It is the hidden secret to Cebu.

One night, I met Jinky there. It was about 3:00am in the morning, and she was dancing with a couple of her girlfriends. I asked if I could buy her a drink. We both flirted and the next thing you know, she was off to my hotel room. We were fucking each other moments after getting into the hotel room. She couldn’t stay for long, because she had a Filipino boy friend. She told me she would stop by in the afternoon for more boom boom, and maybe I could take her out for dinner and drinks.

Like clockwork at 3:00pm, I got a call from the hotel security, saying my friend named Jinky wanted to come up to my room. I went downstairs and got her. She came up and we fucked again. Holy cow, was she good in the sack. She got that sweet round 18 year old ass of hers riding up and down on my cock and it looked and felt so good.

After we finished, she said she need to go to work. Evidently she worked at a local KTV club called Infinity, right down the street from my hotel. I asked her to come back to my hotel room after work for some late night fun.

That night she stayed with me until morning. We woke up, took a shower and then fucked again. God, what a find. Out of the blue I asked her, “would you be interested in fucking in front of the camera.” She asked, “What about my boyfriend?” I told her, “We’ll pay you cash, however, you’ll have to fuck my Filipino stud that fucks all the girls.” She said, “I don’t like. I want to fuck you only.”

After telling her how it worked, and how much money I’d pay her, she agreed and said, “only for you baby”.

So, I call up my Filipino stud, and he comes over about an hour later. I introduce them both, and they both take a shower. She nervously gets on the bed, but within seconds, she is going down on my buddy Michael, who is loving having his cocked being sucked. After taking some good pictures and video taping the blowjob, she gets on top of his cock and starts reverse riding it, with her ass pointed toward the camera. That was my favorite position as Jinky had an incredible ass. Then, they switched to another position, where he was fucking her doggie style, while she was laying on her stomach on the bed. Wow.

I thought I had seen it all, until a moment later, her cell phone rings. She tells us to be quiet, as Michael keeps pumping her pussy while she answers the phone. She calmly answers the phone, and says, “Hello. I’ll be home in a while, I have to go to my aunties house for something. I’ll be home later.” She hangs up the phone, and my mouth is now dropped to the floor. Michael keeps pumping away at that delicious young Filipina pussy, and my cock is harder than ever.

It was only a few minutes later when Michael blew his load on her ass and back. She quickly ran off to take a shower. I paid Mike his money, and he left. After Jinky got out of the shower, I ended up fucking her again, as a good bye present. I told her to call me if she wanted to fuck again sometime. She said she would! What a week in Cebu!

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