Manila Bar Girl Joyce – A full figured dreamgirl in the sack

Joyce worked at a bikini bar called Visions on
Roxas Blvd in Manila, Philippines

 When we met Joyce, she was dressed in baggie blue jeans and a t-shirt walking into Visions Night Club on Roxas Blvd in Manila, Philippines.  Because of the way she dressed, she was in no means a STUNNER.   Travelling the Philippines multiple times, gave me the advantage of seeing through those baggy clothes, and seeing the real Philippine bar girl underneath all that baggie warddrobe.

I asked the Mamasan to have her sit down with me for a drink.  A minute later, she came by my table and smiled. “Hello Sir, I’m Joyce. May I know your name please?”   My dick got instantly hard, as she smiled when say that.  

It was only a matter of about 20 minutes, then we were out the door, off to my hotel room, to see what this hottie was made of.    At first in the hotel room, she was quite shy, taking her clothes off in the bathroom and showering up before she came out to the bed.   When she came out of the shower, she was wearing some pink colored panties and a black bra.   She was amazing.  Her tits were trying to get out of the bra, as she must have been a 36 cc cup.

Seeing this hot young model on the bed in doggie style with her full found ass up in the air, made my cock hard.  I wanted to mount that and put my dick deep inside her.   She was there for the taking.   Needless to say, Joyce spent the next two weeks as my personal travel assistant throughout the Philippines.  We made love practically ever night, and had some threesomes with other Philippine Bar Girlis we picked up along the way at other clubs.  It was the dream girl cum true.  An all in all great Filipino Sex Travel experience.

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