Veronica Lynn has sex with her Courtney Simpson’s Ex

When I filmed this scene, the Filipina Porn Star Veronica Lynn showed up early for the shoot.  She knocked on the hotel room door, and looked tentative to come inside.   After she sat down, got her ID out and signed the model releases for the shoots, she confided in me that she was nervous about the days shoot.

Evidently, the male model she would be shooting with this day, Jason Cox, was the then boyfriend of former Arizona University Cheerleader, now famed pornstar hottie Courtney Simpson.  Courtney was Veronica’s room mate.   She was about to shoot a love scene with her roomates boyfriend.  Wow!

My dick instantly started to harden, as I thought about the scenario.   She was about to fuck her room mates boyfriend.   I could only imagine what this stud had in store for her sweet Filipina pornstar pussy.

Jason showed up at the door about 15 minutes late, getting stuck in traffic.  He was very quiet and was nervous about the scene as well.   I spoke to them both about what I wanted, a love scene, with lots of kissing.

Well, about 5 minutes later, Jason had his tounge in her mouth, and his dick in her pussy, pounding her hard and long, while both just made out on the bed.   I had to pull them apart, because I couldn’t get any good photos or videos of the cock pounding her pussy.   We got some takes of the usual doggie style, reverse ride, and various other positions.  Then they went back to sheer Gonzo fucking, as he almost blew his load inside her pussy.  It sprayed just at the last second all over her freshly fucked pussy, and they just sat there and gazed into each others eyes, and kissed some more afterwards.  It’s like they didn’t even see me there filming the video.

One side note to this story, about four months later, Courtney Simpson left Jason Cox, as she found out she was fucking around on him off the camera with another girl.  Guess who it was???

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